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"PIG-VISION" Following the fate of two pigs

The "pig-vision" campaign is run by UNITED CREATURES. "Pig-vision" wants to take a closer look at the life of pigs, who, in modern society, are seen, first and foremost as livestock.

To find out more about how a pig lives, we will accompany one, he is called X15. We will witness what happens to him from his birth, through the different stages of his short life on an Austrian intensive farm, to the moment when he is killed in order to make meat out of him. X15's brother however, X11, will live out his natural life on a sanctuary alongside fellow pigs.

"Unfair" I hear you say?

Exactly! That's what UNITED CREATURES thinks as well, so the purpose of this campaign is for consumers to gain an impression of the sad fate behind every pork product in the supermarkets.

The campaign follows the lives of the two pigs with a film camera, explaining and documenting the different stages of their lives. There will also be other relevant information and interviews over the eight months of the campaign.

"At the very least, no consumer should be able to say that they didn't know about the consequences of their eating habits" Thomas Winger, founder of UNITED CREATURES

Visit www.pig-vision.com and make your own mind up about how pigs are treated.




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